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DoDWAN middleware

DoDWAN-Expe is a project conducted by the CASA research group, which is part of the IRISA laboratory at Université de Bretagne-Sud (France).

thumbnail-videoThis project aims at experimenting with communication software in a disconnected mobile ad hoc network.Group CASA conducts research on wireless communication techniques for mobile devices assembled in disconnected ad hoc networks, that is, networks in which end-to-end connectivity is not guaranteed. Our approach is to design and implement protocols that rely on the principles of opportunistic, delay/disruption-tolerant communication. The video on the right-hand side of this page illustrates this approach.

Following these principles, group CASA has developed a middleware platform called DoDWAN. The main objective of project DoDWAN-Expe is to provide an experimental framework for testing DoDWAN and the protocols it implements in real conditions. A group of users is equipped with small communicating devices such as netbooks, on which DoDWAN and associated applications are installed. These users can then rely on DoDWAN and its applications to communicate in ad hoc mode. A logging system is enabled on each mobile device so that information pertaining to radio contacts and to the behaviour of DoDWAN-based applications are recorded continuously, and collected periodically.

A quickstart guide is available for users in order to facilitate their first steps with the applications based on DoDWAN. More extensive documentation is also available for each of these applications.