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Adapting DoDWAN Apps to your Android smartphone

During startup, DoDWAN Apps tries to configure the Wi-Fi interface in ad hoc mode. For this, it needs to know the name of the interface and the name of its driver (kernel module). A wizard is included in the application that can find this information for a few common smartphones. But the wizard may fail, resulting in a message “Your smartphone is not supported yet”.

After a first (unsuccessful) launch of the application, you can provide the necessary information in the file /data/data/ This is a text file that can contain commented lines (starting with #). The first uncommented line should be a white-separated list of 3 or 4 fields (the 4th is optional):

  • name of the interface
  • name of the kernel module
  • absolute pathname of the kernel module file
  • extra arguments for module loading (eg for firmware specification, empty in general)

For example, on a HTC Wildfire S, the wifi.cfg file has the following content:

# Info on Wi-Fi module and interface.
# interfaceName moduleName moduleAbsoluteFileName ExtraInsmodArgs
eth0 bcm4329 /system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko

Try to relaunch DoDWAN Apps after having saved the file.

Verifying that the Wi-Fi ad hoc mode is set correctly

Once all necessary information on the Wi-Fi interface is obtained, DoDWAN Apps tries to put the interface in ad hoc mode. The icon showing a D sending radio waves should appear highlighted in the status bar. You can verify the ad hoc configuration parameters via the Setting menu (tab “More…”). The Wi-Fi status is shown at the bottom of the screen (scrolling may be needed to see it). You should see that the Wi-Fi interface is in “Ad-Hoc” mode and that the SSID is “DODWAN-ADHOC”.