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DoDWAN and DoDWAN Apps have both been developed in Java, and can be executed with the standard Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.

DoDWAN Apps is distributed as a ZIP file, which can be downloaded from DoDWAN’s web site.

After downloading the ZIP file from DoDWAN’s web site, extract the files it contains and place these files in a local directory. The package contains the following tree:


  • dodwan-apps-2.1.0.jar is a stand-alone JAR file, which includes a copy of the DoDWAN middleware system, as well as several application programs based on DoDWAN.
  • The two shell scripts and set-dodwan-network.ps1 are meant to help users configure their mobile devices for ad hoc networking (on Linux platforms and Windows 7 platforms respectively). An additional file dodwan-profile.xml is used by the Windows script.
  • The two shell scripts and unset-dodwan-network.ps1 can be used to cancel the configuration for ad hoc networking with DoDWAN (on Linux platforms and Windows 7 platforms respectively).
  • The two shell scripts and start-dodwan-apps.ps1 can start DoDWAN Apps on Linux platforms and Windows 7 platforms respectively.