RAJE: a Resource-Aware Java Environment

RAJE (Resource-Aware Java Environment) is an extension of the standard Java 2 platform. It offers services for observing and controlling how resources are used by Java programs. RAJE defines classes that reify system resources (CPU, network interfaces, etc.). Instances of these classes can be used to observe –and, in certain circumstances, to alter– the behavior of the system resources they model. Classes of the standard Java API (eg  (Socket and File) have also been modified in order to allow a precise monitoring of the conceptual resources they model. Besides reifying resources as first-class objects, RAJE provides services that make it possible to monitor the utilization of these resources, using either a synchronous or an asynchronous scheme, depending on the monitor’s needs and on the kind of resource considered.

A subset of RAJE, called SAJE (for System-Aware Java Environment), is distributed under the LGPL license. This version is limited to the monitoring of system resources. It can be downloaded from the following URL:


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