C3PO: Collaborative Creation of Contents and Publishing using Opportunistic Networks

The C3PO project promotes the development of a new kind of Spontaneous and Ephemeral Social Networks (SESN) dedicated to happenings, i.e. cultural, festive or  sporting events. They rely on opportunistic communication networks formed dynamically by mobile devices so that you can exchange digital contents with the other  members of your SESN even if you don’t have an Internet access. They also rely on an event-based communication model within each device that transports and  dispatches events among the pluggable processing units that form the application level.

CHANTS’2015 Demonstration

Click here to install C3PO

Download and install the C3PO application, you will be able to enter the CHANTS15 SESN instance with your own Android device. You will then be able to publish messages and share photos with other conference attendees, promote contents and get trending events during the conference. In addition, a voting plugin is provided to elect the best paper from the SESN community!

This work is done in the C3PO project, supported by the French ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) under contract ANR-13-CORD-0005.