• DoDWAN: Document Dissemination in mobile Wireless Ad hoc Networks
    (APP: IDDN.FR.001.170036.000.S.P.2013.000.10200)
  • LEPTON: Lightweight Emulation PlaTform for Opportunistic Networking
  • MUON: Miscellaneous Utilities for Opportunistic networks
  • SHERPAM  :  Sensors for Health Recording and Physical Activity Monitoring
  • C3PO-Comm: Opportunistic communication middleware for Spontaneous and Ephemeral Social Networks
    (APP: IDDN.FR.001.100015.000.S.C.2018.000.10000)
  • JION: JavaSpaces Implementation for Opportunistic Networks
  • JOMS: Java Opportunistic Message Service
  • ADAM: consensus in opportunistic networks based on a variant of the One-Third-Rule Heard-Of algorithm
  • SAJE: System-Aware Java Environment