Ongoing and recent projects

  • O’BROWSER (ANR) :  Opportunistic Fog Computing with Browsers
  • SHERPAM (CominLabs) :  Sensors for Health Recording and Physical Activity Monitoring
  • C3PO (ANR) : Collaborative Creation of Contents and Publishing using Opportunistic networks
  • ASAWoO (ANR) : Adaptive Supervision of Avatar/Object Links for the Web of Objects

Past projects

  • Ship2ship: Exchange of navigational data between race sailboats
  • CoMoBioS: Communicating Mobile Biometric Sensors
  • SARAH: Asynchronous Services for Ad Hoc Networks
  • DoDWAN-expe: Experimentation of opportunistic, ad hoc communication
  • MASC: Mobile Adaptive Software Components
  • Cubik: Distributed ubiquitous components
  • RAJE: Resource-Aware Java Environment
  • Concerto: Parallel adaptive components
  • JAMUS: Java Accommodation of Mobile Untrusted Software
  • Expresso (in french): Object services for high-performance networks